About us

HyperBacklink.com is one of the leader in domain names and websites analytics tools, by monitoring new created domains, whois changes, ip, external links, we are able to provide a complete set of technicals informations about each site. HyperBacklink maps backlinks and whois records and has created the largest external links & reverse whois intelligence database.

Our Tools

Site Explorer

All-in-one SEO research tools : find referring domains & most linked content, research keywords, find link building opportunities, audit any website link strategy.

Domain Explorer

Conduct research on domain ownership for competitive analysis, domain valuation or cybercrime investigation. We assist you in conducting online investigations to find new correlations by reversing any whois record and showing history of any domain.

Why use HyperBacklink ?

We are free ! We build analytics software that gives our users the technical edge towards better marketing on the web. Plugin your competitors so you can get all of their links in one place. Then sort them by various link metrics to find the best opportunities.

How big we are ?

We have created our crawler robots and our own database. We collect and index all data without any use of third-party services and are proud of the largest base of actual data on the links.
Our crawler can index up to billion pages per day and our index is updated in real time.

How fast we are ?

By monitoring zone files directly, we need only need few hours to detect every day all new domains for major gTLDs.
HyperBacklink.com history dates back to 2013 when our first version of Domain Explorer was introduced to the public after one year of thorough preparation and data mining.
With the launch of our free Site Explorer, HyperBacklink started a new round of competition among SEO tool providers.